1st Fitness. The Healthy Way Of Life.

Looking for a gym on the Berea? The 1st Fitness Boutique Gym offers you a range of Group Training Classes coupled with state-of-the-art-equipment to help you achieve your fitness goals. 1st Fitness is the Healthy Way of life!



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Our brand-new facility is built around a 136-year-old church which has been painstakingly refurbished. A New Modern Building has been built adjoining the church to create a unique fusion of old and new. This contrast creates a truly world-class design creating a training facility that is both pleasing to the eye and highly functional. With state of the art and award-winning equipment, 1st Fitness offers our members some of the world’s finest pieces of gym equipment thereby creating the best training experience for every member in their endeavor’s to achieving their fitness goals.


Why join our gym? You can enjoy a world-class range of features and benefits to help you achieve your fitness goals.

What Our Members
Love About 1st Fitness

Absolutely beautiful Gym with the best state of the art equipment and would definitely recommend

Ziggy Mahomed Member

The gym is spectacular, world-class

Simon Matthews Member

The gym is incredibly unique and with top-notch equipment. The environment and staff are super friendly, which makes me feel right at home.

Monise Branca Member

Oh the place is great. Staff is super friendly. It's a new gym, new equipment and all. Plenty of machines and very safe parking.

Elite Nzeems Member

Classy new Boutique gym in Durban, great staff members and personal trainers available. Absolutely love it

Marilyn Zungu Member

Great gym, really enjoying it. Always space for machines you need, barely any waiting for a turn. Very friendly coffee/smoothie bar attendant 😀

The_Rock_er XD Member